About Us

Dropmyemail is a comprehensive service that lets you backup your emails automatically easily. Dropmyemail was founded in 2011 by John Fearon, a Internet entrepreneur who needed a way to backup his emails.

Our Story

Founder, John Fearon, started Dropmysite Pte Ltd in September 2011 with the aim to backup the Internet. The inspiration for the backup business arose from the aftermath of the website crash of a earlier business. However, John turned this adversity into an opportunity. John created an easy website backup service, Dropmysite, so webmasters can easily backup websites and databases to prevent data loss.

Dropmysite was then cast in “Angels Gate”, a reality show programmes featuring entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas in order to secure investment on ChannelNewsAsia. After a few nervy commercial breaks, John pulled through to secure a first round seed funding.

Seeing the success of website backups, John decided to add another product to backup email. In March ’12, Dropmyemail was launched at DemoAsia ‘12, a launch pad for emerging technology in Asia, and won the DEMOguru award. In 50 days, the product gained 525,000 users and Amazon Web Services awarded the Featured Startup of Asia Pacific to Dropmysite.

In 2013, Dropmysite was voted among the Top 20 Hottest Startups by Singapore Business Review. To take the company to the next level, Charif El-Ansari (ex-Head of Business Development at Google) was installed as the CEO while John stayed on as the Chairman.

Today, Dropmysite Pte Ltd has featured on CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Venture Beat and more. Dropmysite / Dropmyemail has almost 1 million signups, offices in 4 countries (US / Japan / India / Singapore) and the website is translated into multiple languages. With a global market demanding website and email backups, the business will continue to scale up towards the goal of backing up the Internet.