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Charif El-Ansari takes the CEO reins of Dropmysite

By Chris Talbot | Talkin' Cloud, October 31, 2013

The former business development head for Google South East Asia is taking the reins at Dropmysite, a provider of email, website, database and mobile cloud backup services. Charif El Ansari will be charged with furthering the company's cloud business.

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New Tool, "Email Insights", launched for Tracking Employee Email Usage

By Ephraim Batambuze III, June 11, 2013

With this new tool from Dropmyemail Business, corporations can now ensure transparency & accountability in all official corporate communications.

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Dropmysite lands investment from 500 Startups

By Jon Russell, April 25, 2013

The website and email backup company receives investment from 500Startups seed fund to backup the Internet.

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Dropmysite signs reseller deal with Xpress Hosting (MEX) to offer email backup to Spanish-speaking SMBs

By Nicole Henderson, March 1, 2013

With this deal, Dropmysite will be able to reach SMBs in Latin America, Spanish-speaking America and Spain.

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20 Startups to watch in 2013

March 31, 2013

Dropmysite bills itself as Asia’s fastest growing startup for attracting 630,000 users within 50 days, faster than Twitter, Pinterest, and

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Dropmysite partners with Mexican web hosting company, looking for investors to lead series A round

By Jacky Yap, March 04, 2013

Shortly after announcing its partnership with Japan’s GMO Cloud to expand its email backup solution in Japan, Dropmysite has inked yet another partnership, this time, with a Mexican web hosting company.

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500 Startups venture partner George Kellerman is an investor in Dropmysite

By Terence Lee, February 19, 2013

Singapore company Dropmysite has revealed that 500 Startups venture partner George Kellerman was an investor in the company’s previous round.

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Dropmysite inks email backup partnership and investment deal with Japan’s GMO Cloud

By Jon Russell, January 15, 2013

Web backup service Dropmysite is making a big push into Japan after it announced a partnership with GMO Cloud.

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DropMySite founder follows own path … mostly

By Karamjit Singh, January 04, 2013

Out of the 70 over startups that took part in last year’s inaugural DemoAsia held in March in Singapore, DropMySite was the one which impressed the judging panel the most and was declared the most impressive start-up.

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Dropmyemail now has a new product

By Terence Lee, November 21, 2012

Dropmyemail now has a new product — called Dropmyemail Business — that lets companies control and backup their corporate email accounts.

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Securely back up your email with Dropmyemail

By Dave Johnson, November 13, 2012

Have you ever worried about having access to your mail if it's hacked, the servers fail or you just need to migrate everything to a new account? If so, you might want to consider Dropmyemail.

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Dropmyemail backs up your email effortlessly

By Erez Zukerman, November 05, 2012

If you only want your emails backed up, and don't want to download them to your computer, then Dropmyemail may be what you need.

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What Do You Mean … Strategy?

By Pieter Kemps, October 19, 2012

It may be troublesome but to protect your emails, account details and privacy, you should reconsider. Simply put, backing up your emails is the easiest way for a peace of mind for your online interactions.

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Dropmyemail is making a push for the Japanese market

By Rick Martin, October 15, 2012

Dropmyemail Set to Pursue Opportunities in Japan, Brings on New Country Manager.

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John Fearon on why Dropmyemail needs to move faster than Google

By Snigdha Sengupta, October 05, 2012

In 7-8 years we could be a very big player. I don’t think Google or any other large player will be able to compete with us because we’re taking such as unique position.

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Dropmyemail services now in Hindi

By Raghu Mohan, September 04, 2012

Well known for being one of the fastest growing companies in Asia, Dropmyemail boasts of close to a million users. Indian users make up 18% of its vast user base.

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Inbox backerupper Dropmyemail adds Dropbox-style attachment management

By John Russell, August 24 2012

Aside from helping to manage files from one central place, the file management system takes away the issue of file size.

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This Singapore startup rocked Asia by providing incredible back-up solutions for emails

By Krisana Gallezo, August 23, 2012

This business has the potential to scale fast. The team has deep expertise in online performance marketing, incl. Display, SEO, SEM, Social.

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Howdy Partners! Singapore’s Dropmyemail Rolls Into Texas, Opens New Office

By Steven Millward, August 2, 2012

Less than half a year after first launching, the Singaporean startup behind the email backup service Dropmyemail is opening an office in the US. But rather than going to the usual Silicon Valley area, the company is rolling into Dallas, Texas.

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Email Archiving & Cloud Backup: Dropmyemail Gives More Space

By Ashwin July 9, 2012

Whether you corporate solutions for email or if you are a Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail user, you may use the automatic email backup service from Dropmyemail to never be victim of data loss again.

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Backup specialist Dropmysite buys Orbitfiles, boosting its userbase and focus on North America

By Job Russell, June 27, 2012

Dropmysite is one of Singapore’s largest startups and, going on the announcement, it looks as though it will retain Orbitfiles’ US presence, giving it a fourth global presence, in addition to technical teams in India and Argentina.

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Dropmyemail, Currently Fastest Growing Startup in Asia, Announces Viral Component

By Team YS, June 14, 2012

A reason for the current growth for the company is that Dropmyemail provides an easy solution to a real unresolved need in securing emails.

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John Fearon talks about backing up the entire web with Dropmysite, Asia’s fastest growing startup

By Biance Zen, May 24, 2012

His 33 years have taken him from selling sweets as a child, to global digital marketing, to founding, one of the fastest growing cloud companies today.

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Backing up is big business

By Victoria Ho, May 21, 2012

WITH so much information in digital form these days, the pain of potentially losing everything in one keystroke has cast a looming shadow over users.

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Singapore’s Dropmyemail snags senior Google exec

By Terence Lee, May 18, 2012

Google Southeast Asia’s senior conversion specialist, Vinoaj Vijeyakummar, has left the search company to become the head of product development at Dropmyemail, a service owned by Singapore startup DropMySite

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Dropmyemail Passes Half Million Users, is Working on Second Round of Funding

By Vanessa Tan, April 22, 2012

“It sure does reflect the immense potential of as a company, judging by how reliant all of us can be on our emails and how it is also one of the top internet activities.”

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Singapore Start-Up Cashes In on Saving Emails.

By Shibani Mahtani, April 20, 2012

DropMyEmail started with a simple idea: to back up the internet

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E-mail backup service grabs over 500K users in just 2 months

By Sean Ludwig, April 19, 2012

Basically, it creates a new level of freedom so you don’t have to be tied to a single e-mail provider, a function that is attractive to consumers and businesses alike.

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DropMyEmail: A New Way to Manage Your Email Accounts

By Wes Fang, April 19, 2012

"What happens if one email gets hacked and everything gets deleted? What about if I want to transfer a batch of emails from my university account to my personal account? That's where DropMyEmail comes in.”

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