Why Backup Email?

We are solving a great need in backing up emails.

1. Data hosted in the cloud is vulnerable to hacking and hosting failure.
  • Statistically, 1 in 5 email accounts gets hacked
  • 540 million email accounts get hacked every year
  • 62% of owners of hacked accounts are unaware
  • Hacked accounts graph
  • In April ’12, an estimated 33.2 million Gmail users suffered email outage
2. Protection against user errors (i.e. accidental deletes)

"By using Dropmyemail.com to backup and secure that data, you can easily retrieve everything."

There is a worldwide demand for our current and future service.

  • 4 billion email accounts worldwide and growing
  • Extensive reach with existing users in over 100 countries
  • Merged Email service for mobile and web (Email, Chat, Calendar & Contacts) coming soon
Worldwide email accounts table

Secure cloud backup of your data.

Dropmyemail.com has no access to the stored data, while ensuring the highest standards of security, working with Amazon Web Services’ highly safe, scalable and redundant global infrastructure